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We have an aspiration to design a global system that is an eco-friendly, clean and beautiful workspace where the workplace stimulates enthusiasm and creativity, where you and your colleagues are happier day by day.


Sand Decor is committed to supporting your company in the best way, and with a future-looking vision, we will use technology, experience and merchandise to provide you with solutions that help you get excited about new ideas in the workplace.






With our global responsibility in responding to Covid-19 pandemic, we always make every effort to adopt and raise health standards for your business to be safe and your employees to feel secure.


For a clean environment, we collaborate with leading design experts to implement scientific measures to help you have a clean, well-ventilated, safe and confident working day at your workplace even with less cleaning and less ventilation.


Sand Décor is one of the modern workplace decoration companies. In order to protect the environment, we aim at a revolving economic model and give priority to use recycled materials, limit plastic materials and replace them with paper and wood, minimize the use of chemical paint and replace it with natural rustic materials.







Global reach: Sand Decor works with many furniture brands around the world, whether you need to build an office in London, expand to the Sydney market or a workspace in Tokyo, we can provide you with products and services at reasonable costs in each country and territory.


Flexible commitment: We have prepared investment packages to suit the size of your company and work with you to tailor them with flexible options designed for you depending on your time, size, needs and budget.


Flexible charge payment: You have the right to choose how to pay charge, you can pay the charge once or many times, you can pay the charge for a certain period of time or for many years to come. We are honored to serve you with a 10-year charge payment period to accompany your company’s growth (see the terms of post-payment)







Expansion: We have expanded our operations to the global market. With a vision of creating the best service and working space for businesses, our main mission is interior decoration construction, exterior finishing and accessory supply. We have linked with more 100 furniture brands in the world and material suppliers in the America, Europe, Africa, and China.


Developing together: We always believe that we can move forward together. With a shared ideal, we must work to continuously improve, develop and become better as individuals, collectives and a professional company.


Science and technology: We focus on strongly transforming the development model from mainly wide to mainly deep, give priority to science and technology motivations and encourage creativity; develop digital economy and digital transformation in product and service supply activities.






Do the right thing: We know that the “right thing” is an intentional action that we must always do it based on integrity and build trust with the people we care about, including our personnel, members and community.


Boldness: To reshape the world’s working mechanism, we must be bold, brave in action and show patience as we move forward, regardless of difficulties or circumstances, we must pioneer and lead if possible, and think differently and do differently to make a difference.


Gratitude: For us, no one or nothing is natural. We appreciate our personnel, members, customers, partners and suppliers, as well as the opportunities that we are given, the values and assets that we have.







Personnel revolution: Discover the potential of Sand Décor’s members. Here, we make impacts everyday with the support of enthusiastic and talented people. Regardless of what each employee likes to do, we always welcome them to do ahead together with us.


Humanistic life: Cooperation, consideration and courtesy are indispensable for mankind. We always cherish each other and build a community that celebrates the unique talents, passions and circumstances of each person, without gaps in color, age, position and education. We are simply friends.


Spiritual values are our goal: Our mission is to help each individual find meaning in his or her work as it is more associated with ethical and spiritual values rather than merely a business goal.






We listen to and learn from global businesses, including small companies and large brands on our journey of growth, adaptation and innovation.


We are honored to have served companies globally.









110 Wall Street, Manhattan,

New York, NY 10005



152 Elizabeth Street,

Melbourne, VIC 3000



Via Vittor Pisani,

15 Milan, MI 20124



Suntec 5, 5 Temasek Boulevard,

Singapore 038985



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7 Thang Long Avenue, Hanoi 100000















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